Mixed Natural History

These holidays have a very general natural history focus including, birds, plants and other wildlife. Other aspects such as landscape and geology, habitats and ecology are also sometimes included – see the individual holiday details for the topics covered.Cultural highlights are included as on most of our holidays.

Bulgaria – natural history of the mountainous south west

The mountains of western Bulgaria are home to many endemic plants and abundant butterflies amid beautiful woodlands, alpine meadows and breathtaking gorges.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Bulgaria spring 2016

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Bulgaria – spring on the Black Sea coast

This is an area amazingly rich in wildlife and we will take in lakes and wetlands, along with steppe grasslands where a staggering 450 species of plants can be found.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Bulgaria spring 2015

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Chile – Chiloé, Juan Fernández and Easter Islands

From the temperate rainforests and rocky coasts of Chiloe Island, home to penguins, otters and pudu, to the endemic-rich Juan Fernandez Islands and an optional visit to the famous ‘Moai’ of Easter Island.

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Chile – pumas and penguins in Patagonia

Southern Patagonia is renowned for its landscape and we take a fantastic journey through some of South America’s most spectacular scenery, home to rare and endangered wildlife, as well as discovering some of Chile’s fascinating history and culture.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Chile 2016

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Devon – rare mammals and summer wildlife

Devon in the late summer is an idyllic place to be and this short break will introduce us to this beautiful county and give us a chance of seeing some of its splendid mammal-life.

Holiday type – mixed natural history  

Ecuador – wildlife from the Andes to Amazon

We visit the mainland in search of some of the country’s exciting mammal life, while also enjoying the abundant birds, butterflies and botany.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Ecuador 2018

Holiday type – mixed natural history  

Estonia – spring wildlife of the Baltic

Late spring on the Baltic is a busy time, with birds courting and the meadows bursting into flower.

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Galapagos – cruising in Darwin’s footsteps

We explore the wonderful natural history of the world famous Galagos, including a cruise, allowing us to enjoy wildlife from the boat and on island walks that are truly magical.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Galapagos 2014

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Iceland – midsummer natural history

The best of south, west and north Iceland in the long days of summer. We seek out Icelandic bird specialities and the diversity of wild flowers across mountains and moorlands.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Iceland 2012

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Iceland – winter wildlife and northern lights

A winter break searching for birds and whales in south and west Iceland, with great opportunities to enjoy the nightly spectacle of the Aurora Borealis.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Iceland 2013

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Isles of Scilly – autumn natural history and migration

At this time of year heathland is at its best with many coastal plants at their best. Scilly in autumn is synonymous with bird migration and many species should be moving through on their way south.

Trip report Wildlife Travel Scilly autumn 2011

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Kamchatka – cruising Siberia’s forgotten coast

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Russian Far East 2018

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Lesvos – spring on an Aegean island

An ideal introduction to the flowers and birds of the eastern Mediterranean, our visits include chestnut woodlands, wetlands and flower-rich hillsides.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Lesvos 2015

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Macedonia – wildlife of the undiscovered Balkans

The varied landscape of Macedonia holds a wealth of wildlife including over 200 species of butterflies, a great range of birds and a number of Balkan endemic plants.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Macedonia 2013

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Madagascar – natural history of the red island

Up there as one of the must visit wildlife destinations, millions of years of isolation has left Madagascar as home to a unique collection of wildlife of which more than 80% is found nowhere else on the planet.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Madagascar 2015

Holiday type – mixed natural history

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Mallorca – spring in the western Mediterranean

Mallorca has some stunning scenery including many miles of wild unspoilt coastline, extensive woodlands and Mediterranean shrublands, and a dramatic mountain range.

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Morocco – natural history at Christmas

Enjoy a relaxed Christmas in the sun with this excellent introduction to the wildlife and culture of southern Morocco.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Morocco 2017

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Morocco – natural history, mountains and coast

Our holiday is an excellent introduction to the flora, fauna and culture of this fascinating country.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Morocco 2018

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Mull – eagles, otters and natural history

Mull is renowned as the most beautiful and varied of the Inner Hebrides, with a variety and abundance of wildlife hard to match elsewhere. We explore Mull and several of the smaller islands in search of birds, marine mammals and plants.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Mull 2017

Holiday type – mixed natural history  

New Caledonia – endemic wildlife of the South Pacific

Nestled in the South Pacific, New Caledonia provides a spectacular diversity of wildlife from rainforest to coral reef.

Holiday type – mixed natural history

New Zealand – natural history from north to south

Whether its birds or botany, landscapes or general natural history, this holiday has something for everyone. We will explore a wide range of habitats with the scenic backdrop of New Zealand’s spectacular landscapes.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel New Zealand 2011

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Norfolk – winter wildfowl and natural history

Our itinerary takes in the most spectacular avian events and gives us a chance of seeing some of the county’s splendid mammal-life.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Norfolk 2017

Holiday type – mixed natural history  

Romania – Danube Delta, Carpathians and Transylvania

A fantastic opportunity to explore the wealth of wildlife in Romania from the bird-rich Danube Delta to the hay meadows on Transylvania and the rugged Carpathians.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Romania 2015

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Sierra de Grazalema and Gibraltar – natural history

A prime destination for lovers of spring wildlife in the Mediterranean, amid dramatic limestone landscapes. We search for botanical treasures and keep an eye out for migrating birds.

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Svalbard – natural history of the high Arctic

The archipelago of Spitsbergen (also known as Svalbard) lies well north of the Arctic Circle. During the summer the sun never sets as we take an awe-inspiring cruise, exploring the spectacular land of the ice bear.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Svalbard 2017

Holiday type – mixed natural history  

Tasmania – marsupials and wilderness wildlife

Isolated from the mainland since the last glaciation, Tasmania is an island of stunning landscapes, beautiful untouched wilderness areas and a unique flora and fauna. This tour explores the key habitats to give a thorough introduction to the island’s special wildlife.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Tasmania 2016

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Tenerife – natural history of the Canary Islands

The largest and most diverse of the Canary Islands, Tenerife has many habitats to explore including arid regions, primeval forest and volcanic peaks with plants found nowhere else in the world.

Holiday type – mixed natural history

The Great Fen – natural history and conservation

Enjoy the late spring among the reedbeds and wet woodlands of one of the country’s most visionary conservation projects, which aims to reconnect the last vital fragments of East Anglian fen, with an aim to restore an amazing 9,000 hectares.

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Transylvania – meadows, mountains and bears

We explore one of the last areas in Europe where traditional management of hay meadows is still practiced on a large scale. Transylvania has a rich cultural heritage and fantastic wildlife to be discovered.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Transylvania 2018

Holiday type – mixed natural history

West Carpathians – butterflies and natural history of central Europe

A leisurely introduction to the butterflies and other wildlife of Mitteleuropa, exploring two contrasting but equally wildlife-rich areas.

Trip report – Wildlife Travel White Carpathians 2012

Holiday type – mixed natural history

Yorkshire – summer in northern England

From our base near Malton we explore the varied habitats of this part of Yorkshire from sea cliffs to upland moors, limestone grassland, ancient woodlands and wetlands. Our trip includes a boat safari aboard a traditional Yorkshire coble

Trip report – Wildlife Travel Yorkshire 2014

Holiday type – mixed natural history